History NVGC (Dutch Association of Genetic Counselors)


From 1992 onwards the Departments of Clinical Genetics in The Netherlands felt the need to employ more non-medical genetic counselors due to the increased demand for genetic counseling. People with different non-medical backgrounds were trained as genetic fieldworker, genetic associate, family researcher, genetic counselor etc. This initial group of “genetic counselors” set out to develop a job description, standards of practice and educational standards. Their work was supported and funded by The Dutch Association of Clinical Genetics (VKGN)

The need for professionalization was evident so in 2002 the NVGC (Dutch Association of Genetic Counselors) was founded. Members of the NVGC are associate members of the VKGN and can participate in meetings and committees as representatives of our own association.


Objectives of the NVGC

To be a platform for all genetic counselors and trainees

To develop a Master education Genetic Counseling

Accreditation and registration of the profession

Quality management

Professional development


In 2011 the NVGC had 65 members: all counselors and trainees are employed in a department of clinical genetics. The number of counselors in the 10 departments varies from 2-14.

Members of the NVGC participate in different committees. Meetings are twice a year, the afternoons are meant for professional development and a program is organized by the educational committee.